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Product Review - Secret Clinical Antiperspirant - Soul_beguiled [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Product Review - Secret Clinical Antiperspirant [Nov. 29th, 2015|11:46 pm]

I recieved my Secret Clinical antiperspirant Invisable Solid free to test from BzzAgent. I was very skeptical going into this trial.  I thought that there was no way that clinical strength antiperspirant could work well enough for me to justify paying double the price of regular antiperspirant.  Boy was I wrong.  It does work as well as it claims.  I only applied it every 48 hours, unless I was having a run of heavy workout days, then I applied it once a day, and it actually kept me smelling good and completely dry.  It went on clear and dry and left no white marks on my clothes.

I've actually been quite stressed at work lately and normally I notice myself sweating, and when on using Secret Clinical Antiperspirant I didn't!  A
fter the stressful week I've had pulling together and event where the rental company gave away my rentals to another client the day before the event I sure was under a lot of pressure.  Normally I'd be sweating like crazy, but I didn't even have to think about it at all, which is fantastic, since being sweaty and smelly was the last thing I needed to worry about. What a relief!