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A great all-around mascara [Oct. 7th, 2015|11:44 pm]

A review of COVERGIRL'S Clump Crusher Mascara

I recieved CoverGirl LashBlast Clumb Crusher (the green tube) free to review through BzzAgent (which you should totally check out: https://www.bzzagent.com/).

Here are my thoughts on the mascara:

I wouldn't exactly call this mascara a "clump crusher", however it is a pretty great all around mascara. I have very long blonde lashes, but not much volume. I've always had issues with clumping mascara and while this product did a pretty decent job there was still some minor clumping. So a miracle product in that respect it is not.

However, this mascara does have some other bonuses that most of the other mascaras I have tried in the past do not. This mascara does not flake or smudge. I work at a computer all day long and end up rubbing my eyes a lot. This product did not budge.

Gone are the days of people telling me I look tired from dark circles under my eyes. It was my old mascara smearing, not lack of sleep!

I look forward to trying the LashBlash Volume Mascara next with my $2 off coupon (that came with the free mascara from BzzAgent). If it's anything like the Clump Crusher it'll be fantastic value for the price. This mascara is definitely some tough competition for some more expensive brands.

With and without the mascara

Slight clumping